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Avhandlingar inom diabetesområdet 2004

Under 2004 har lagts fram ett stort antal avhandlingar med anknytning till diabetesområdet.
Svensk Förening för Diabetologi utser varje år en klinisk och en experimentell avhandling som vinnare av stipendiet Förtjänstfull avhandling inom diabetesområdet. Stipendierna för år 2004, som utdelas med stöd av Pfizer, utgörs av 25000 kronor till vardera. Pristagarna presenteras i samband med Svensk Förenings för Diabetologi vårmöte i Linköping 7-8/4 2005.

Stipendiekommittén består av Peter Engfeldt, Örebro, Ulf Smith, Göteborg, Jan Eriksson, Umeå,
Bengt-Ivar Fransson, Pfizer, samt ordföranden Ulf Adamson respektive vetenskaplige sekreteraren i SFD.

Nedan följer lista på avhandlingar 2004 med anknytning till diabetesområdet.

Björn Eliasson Vetenskaplig sekreterare SFD

  1. Anna Kistner. Born too small or too early: Effects on blood pressure, renal function and retinal vascularization
    in adulthood. Experimental and clinical studies. Karolinska institutet 3 december 2004
  2. Anna Wendt. GABA in the islets of Langerhans. Lunds Universitet 25 november 2004
  3. Anneli Sepa. The stress hypothesis - Implications for the induction of diabetes-related autoimmunity in children? Linköpings Universitet 5 mars 2004
  4. Anneli Ambring. Mediterranean inspired diet and cardiovascular health. Experimental and clinical studies.
    Göteborgs Universitet 14 maj 2004
  5. Annika Dotevall. Women, diabetes and coronary heart disease. Göteborgs Universitet 29 oktober 2004
  6. Brian Barnes. AMP-activated protein kinase: The connection between exercise and type II diabetes.
    Karolinska Institutet 9 december 2004
  7. Camilla Göktürk. Semicarbazide-sensitive Amine Oxidase (SSAO) - Regulation and involvement in blood vessel damage with special regard to diabetes: A study on mice overexpressing human SSAO.
    Uppsala Universitet 10 december 2004
  8. Charlotta Olofsson. Short- and long-term effects of long-chain free fatty acids on pancreatic ?- and ?-cell function. Lunds Universitet 26 november 2004
  9. Essam Refai. Bioactive peptides and proteins in disease. Karolinska Institutet 7 juni 2004
  10. Fredrik Palm. Diabetes-induced alterations in renal microcirculation and metabolism.
    Uppsala Universitet 24 maj 2004
  11. Hans Thorn. Caveolae structure and importance in insulin action. Linköpings Universitet 10 december 2004
  12. Hilde Brekke. Lifestyle intervention in first-degree relatives of patients with type 2 diabetes.
    Göteborgs Universitet 19 mars 2004
  13. Håkan Hall. T cell responses and NK cell function in experimental autoimmune diabetes.
    Karolinska Institutet 3 december 2004
  14. Håkan Lindvall. Hormone-sensitive lipase and the pancreatic beta-cell. Lunds Universitet 15 januari 2004
    Jelena Petrovic. Analysis and manipulation of autoreactive and tumor-specific T cell responses.
    Karolinska Institutet 20 december 2004
  15. Jie Chen. Role of protein-tyrosine phospatases in insulin and glucagon secretion in pancreatic islets of healthy rats and spontaneously diabetic GK rats. Karolinska Institutet 16 april 2004
  16. Jörgen Borg. Perilipin expression in the islets of Langerhans and surface expression in the baculovirus/insect cell system. Lunds Universitet 6 oktober 2004
  17. Karl Gertow. Fatty acid transport proteins: Candidate genes for the insulin resistance syndrome.
    Karolinska Institutet 28 maj 2004
  18. Katja Kannisto. The metabolic syndrome: Studies on thrifty genes. Karolinska Institutet 16 oktober 2004
  19. Kerstin Hamrin. The human skeletal muscle in vivo: The use of microdialysis to study glucose metabolism and insulin resistance. Karolinska Institutet 17 december 2004
  20. Lina Åkesson. Regulation of lipid metabolism in rat and 3T3-L1 adipocytes; Cross-talk between insulin, the neuro-peptides PACAP/VIP and with B1-integrins. Lunds Universitet 17 september 2004
  21. Malin Hult. 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 as a pharmacological target in metabolic disease.
    Karolinska Institutet 29 april 2004
  22. Manu Gupta. Autoimmune markers in autoimmune diabetes. Karolinska Institutet 9 januari 2004
  23. Mikael Segerlantz. Metabolic effects of growth hormone replacement therapy in adults - with special reference to insulin sensitivity. Lunds Universitet 17 september 2004
  24. Saleem Sa'aed Qader. Nitric oxide synthase in pancreatic islets during trauma and parenteral feeding.
    Lund Universitet 23 september 2004
  25. Stefan Särnblad. Body composition in adolescents with type 1 diabetes: aspects of glycaemic control and insulin sensitivity. Uppsala Universitet 2 april 2004
  26. Stina Lindmark. Neurohormonal mechanisms in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.
    Umeå Universitet 24 april 2004
  27. Tove Östberg. Determinants of ligand-induced nuclear receptor activation. Karolinska Institutet 3 juni 2004
  28. Vaiva Sadauskaite-Kühne. Genetic and environmental factors in relation to childhood type 1 diabetes mellitusd aethiology and clinical presentation in Sweden and Lithuania. Linköpings Universitet 27 februari 2004
  29. Wei Zhang. Studies on proteins involved in the molecular regulation of insulin exocytosis.
    Karolinska Institutet 19 mars 2004
  30. Veronica Quisth. Studies on the regulation of human skeletal muscle lipolysis in vivo.
    Karolinska Institutet 3 december 2004
  31. Victoria Rotter Sopasakis. Interleukin-6 as a mediator of insulin resistance. Göteborgs Universitet 4 juni 2004
  32. Xiaosong Ma. Regulation of exocytosis by Ca2+and cAMP. A study on pancreatic b- and a-cells.
    Lund Universitet 29 oktober 2004
  33. Zhihui Zhong. Proinsulin C-peptide: Membrane interactions and intracellular signaling.
    Karolinska Institutet 3 juni 2004

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