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Reducerad kardiovaskulär dödlighet hos diabetiker,
av Melcher Falkenberg, M.D., Ph., distr läkm Kisa Sweden, presenterat vid American Diabetes Association ADA i Boston 22/6-97 abstract 0456 Diabetes 1997;46:supplement 1

Reducing Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality Among Diabetic Patients in Primary Health Care in Collaboration with Hospital Care. Kisa primary health care (PHC) unit in southern Sweden has organized diabetes care by a team approach involving a speciallu trained nurse, a dietian and a chripodist under the supervision of general practioners, in which patient education forms an integral part. During the 80´we have achieved an 80% reduction in amputation rate and good metabolic control. During the same period the PHC in Linköong has adopted the same team approach; and at the University hospiatl also the diabtes and the cardiovascular care has imrproved. ...

Logistic regression analysis showed a calculated decrease of 50% in mortality per 100 MIs among diabetic 50-79 years of age, and of 25% in non-diabetics (1979-1985 and 1986-1992). In the same age group the calculated decrease in number of lethal MIs per 1.000 person-years at risk among women with diabetes decreased by 70% and in non-diabetics women by 40%. the figures for men are 60% and 45%, respectively.

We belive that the imrproved care is an important factor in the reduction in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality amond diabetics.

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