Invitation to visit the Diabetics Unite Homepage

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INSÄNT AV Deanna Gaston DEN 23 :e OKTOBER, 1997 vid 23 - tiden

From: Deanna Gaston
Subject: Diabetics Unite Homepage
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I am from Moncton, NB Canada and have been a type I diabetics for 29 years.

I would like to invite you to visit the Diabetics Unite Homepage. I am
trying to reach as many diabetics as possible and hope your members/readers
can be linked to my site and be encouraged to sign the petition on the
links page and learn about the Grey Ribbon Campaign to find a cure for
Diabetes and hopefully become involved in such a campaign.

I am trying to increase awareness of diabetes as the serious disease it is.
Fighting for a cure is a double-edged sword because I think the main
reason that diabetes is not considered very serious by the public is
because of the attempt to prove that diabetics can live normal lives.(which
is true, to an extent). Its very difficult to stress the negative side to
this disease for fear of hurting others ( ie: affecting their attitude,
making them depressed, etc.) yet if we don't, a cure may never be found.

I also want to stress that while I have had times where I was very
depressed and have gone through some very difficult times, my diabetes has
not kept me from having wonderful times and much happiness as well. Also,
the knowledge is much more advanced than when I first became a diabetic.

I have accomplished much in the years since I became a diabetic. I feel
that sometimes, I pushed myself harder to get as much done as I could since
I never really knew what the future or even the next day might bring.

But I will only be truly happy when a cure is finally announced.
We must all lead the fight for a cure.


Sincerly, Deanna the Diabetic
"I'll only be happy when a cure for Diabetes is found!!"


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