"Genetics versus enviroment controversy in IDDM ..."

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INSÄNT AV Red DiabetologNytt DEN 17 :e JANUARI, 1997 vid 22 - tiden

Genetics Versus Environment Controversy Continues In IDDM

Italian researchers report evidence of "...the
supremacy of genetic features over the environment," in the etiology of type 1
diabetes in tomorrow's issue of The Lancet.

Dr. Sa Muntoni of Cagliari and a team of investigators evaluated the incidence of
IDDM among Italians born in Lazio, a region with a low incidence of IDDM, but
whose parents came from Sardinia, where IDDM incidence is high. The two
regions "...are very similar...in environmental, cultural, and lifestyle terms,"
according to a press release.

Dr. Muntoni and colleagues found: "Children of Sardinian-heritage born in Lazio
have the same incidence as the population of origin, which is genetically prone to
the disease. Moreover, children with one Sardinian parent had a rate half that of
Sardinians and double that of the indigenous population." The results point to a
stronger role for genetics compared with environmental factors in the etiology of
IDDM, according to Dr. Muntoni.

Dr. Andrew T. Hattersley of Exeter, U.K., comments in an editorial: "The ultimate
aim of work on the aetiology of IDDM is not to establish a superiority of genes or
environment but to develop their dual role in disease prevention."

Lancet 1997;349:147-148,160-162.

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